Toys are a big deal

The toy industry’s annual total economic impact in the U.S. is $110.9 billion.

  • The average price of a toy is around $10, but the estimated 3 billion units sold across the nation each year generates approximately $27 billion in direct toy sales.

  • The toy industry supports an estimated 691,263 jobs (FTE) generating more than $35.1 billion in wages for U.S. workers.

  • The toy industry generates $14.98 billion in tax revenue each year

Domestic Value of toys

The toy industry supports hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs, and reinvests billions of dollars here at home.

  • Up to 82¢ of every toy retail dollar remains in the U.S.

  • Just under 82% of U.S. retail dollars remain in the country as a result of U.S. domestic operations (e.g., production plus wholesale and retail).

  • About 65¢ of every toy production dollar remains in the U.S.

  • On average, about 65% of the more than $18.4B that toy companies invest annually in production (e.g., salaries, benefits, and material costs) remain in the U.S.